HVAC Provider – One of our first clients was an HVAC Partner who was using all kinds of marketing tools to drive marketing efforts and leads from SEO, PPC, Google, Social Media, SEM Rush, television, radio, OTT, etc.  In our initial meeting we asked what a good price on a lead would be, and what success would look like.  They told us, the best lead sources in the industry provide quality leads for as low as $100-$200.  This was a client spending about $150,000/month on marketing.  So, we said, take a chance on us, we believe we have lightning in a bottle.  Sure enough, the client signed up that day, and gave us a very limited budget as a trial.  Within a few weeks we were driving about 75% of their web traffic and delivering quality leads for under $50. They were blown away and have never missed a single day of working with us since. They have also given us the ultimate compliment and introduced to all of their friends in the industry and said they need to sign with MarketStorm. Since signing with us, this client has nearly doubled their business and fended off multiple suitors trying to buy their company.

Home Service Provider – We began working with another group and helped take this company from struggling to pay their bills or keep their technicians off the couch to flying. This group began working with us in targeting new installations through AI, Machine Learning and our specialized targeted TV product, TV3.  They began crushing it. Their words. Not ours.  So much so that at one point they agreed to some new advertising project in their local region and thought to make room in their budget they would shut our service off for a month or two.  We said, okay, not a problem and shut down their program.  A week later we got the call. “What happened? Our phones are silent, no form fills, nothing. How quickly can you restart your service??” We had them up and running that day, and they determined they would never lapse for even a day on MarketStorm.

An Emerging Liquor Distillery – We got a call from some of our friends in the distillery business who said, “Don’t you have an AI Company? We want to use that for our products.” So, we sat with them to determine their goals. They were early, with just two products to sell, and a few shelves at a few stores in their region. So, the strategy was that they wanted to be the brand consumers wanted, and they wanted desperately to be on the shelves in BevMo and Total Wine.  So, we used custom algorithms and strategies to target the consumers first, then the store operators, and finally the buyers at the chains themselves. With the targeting of the consumers, each store manager was hearing “Do you have (XYZ) Vodka?” every day. Then, they themselves began seeing this product all over their internet feeds. Then finally, we targeted the Buyers, and once complete, we told the sales team, now is the time, go make your pitch. By the time the company called on the buyers they had already been flooded with the brand, and hearing about it from store managers and customers. So, in just four (4) months, this brand had shelf space in Total Wine and BevMo and were selling their products through at their retailers. The quote they gave us was astounding, “You accomplished our Company’s 4 year strategic plan in just 4 months!”

Sony Artist Launch – About a year ago some of our friends in Hollywood came to us and asked us to work with them on an emerging recording artist. They were working with Sony on this launch, and asked us to team up and find a way to use our technology to make this artist relevant and exciting to new listeners and fans.  So, we used our AI and Machine Learning to first asses the artists’ following and then to build additional followers by tracking fans of similar artists.  As we began it was remarkable, using what we knew about her market, and then finding fans that were likely to enjoy her music, we quickly made massive impact, and within just three (3) months we had gained the artist a 1,500% growth in fans. The producers and label were blown away and continue to work with us on new projects.