Rick Brown, Founding Partner

Professional Goal: To help the partners we have achieve their highest goals.

Personal Goal: To show love and care for everyone I interact with.

Has a history of doing deals at the highest levels, from doing deals in the NBA and NFL, and creating valuable partnerships with brands such as Intel, Anheuser Busch, Citibank, Coca-Cola, Corona, Acura, Nissan and Many More.

In his other company, Catchlight Ventures, Rick has led marketing efforts for The Farm-to-Fork Festival growing attendance to well over 150,000 while doubling their revenues year over year since 2017.

Rick also serves as a board member for the Hollywood Music Label, Family Music Standard, as well as an Executive Producer for the upcoming show, Breaking Bread.

It is unlikely you will see Rick without a cup of coffee in hand at any time of day. He has a problem.