HVAC Provider – Our first client was a heating and air conditioning company in a mid-sized market. They were using various tools to drive marketing and leads, such as SEO and pay per click (PPC), among others.  In our initial meeting, we asked what success would look like.  They told us the best lead sources in the industry provide quality leads for as low as $100-$200.  This client was spending about $150,000 per month on marketing.  We convinced them that what we offered was game-changing and would have a profound impact on their efforts. With less than 5 percent of their marketing budget, we were driving about 75% of their web traffic and delivering quality leads for a fraction of what they were paying before.  After signing with us three years ago, this client has nearly doubled their business and fended off multiple suitors trying to buy their company.

Home Service Provider – We began working with another client and helped take this company from operating at a loss to thriving and growing into new markets. This home services provider started using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning platforms to promote a specialized TV product. The program was so effective and quickly became the main source of leads, that when they temporarily paused their efforts, their phones went silent and they called us in a panic to ask “what happened?”  We had them up and running right away and they determined they would never lapse for even a day on MarketStorm.

Sony Artist Launch – Grammy-award-winning music producers approached us to work with them on an emerging recording artist. They wanted to find a way to use our technology to make this Sony artist relevant and exciting to new listeners and fans.  We used our AI and machine learning to first assess the artists’ following and then to build additional followers by tracking fans of similar artists.  Using what we knew about her market, and then finding fans that were likely to enjoy her music, we quickly made remarkable progress, and within three months we had gained the artist a 1,500% growth in fans.